The Digihats Launch! 🎉

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to give you an update on the state of our project. Over the last week, The Digihats team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches into our project.

Saying that we are launching our smart contract onto our website:, at 11:11 PM UTC, Friday, March 5th, 2021! This means you can finally get your hands on a Digihat.

We have completed close to 80 hand-drawn Special Digit Digihats and added them all to our final list of 8888. These Special Digit Digihats are extremely rare, with a less than 1% chance of obtaining one. Besides the Special Digit Digihats looking nice, they all have a special meaning behind them for you to figure out!

Example of Special Digit Digihats

The artists haven’t been the only ones at work; the devs have also been working hard to complete the code and test it on the Binance Smart Chain test network. They’ve finished coding the frontend of the website and have successfully linked web3 to our smart contract. Until launch, they will be testing the web3 functions on the site and making sure they are working as expected.

The Digihats Smart Contract

Now, let me give you a basic run-through of what our smart contract does. You’ll be able to mint Digihats on the contract until, totalSupply = MAX_NFT_SUPPLY (8888).

The price that you pay for a Digihat is determined by the getNFTPrice function. If the currentSupply ≥ 4445, then the getNFTPrice = 0.88 BNB. If the currentSupply ≥ 2223, then the getNFTPrice = 0.44 BNB. If the currentSupply ≥ 1112, then the getNFTPrice = 0.22 BNB. If the currentSupply ≤ 1111, then the getNFTPrice = 0.11 BNB.

The picture below is a TD; LR of this function.

Digihats pricing

In our contract, we also implemented the same mechanism that Hashmasks used in offsetting their starting index. Without going into too much detail, Hashmasks used this mechanism to randomly distribute their masks to the buyers. If the buyers knew the order in which the Hashmasks were being sold, they could snipe “rare” masks, giving them an unfair advantage.

To keep the distribution fair, Hashmasks uploaded all their masks to a provenance file ( in random order. They gave each mask three values: the starting index, the Sha-256 hash, and the link to the mask. The initial listed all the masks in order from 0 to 16383. The finalizeStartingIndex function was a function that could be called publically on the conditions that: a) the Hashmasks sold out, or b) two weeks since the release of the smart contract had passed.

When this function is called, it generates a number and offsets the initial index by this number. Namely, if the finalizeStartingIndex function generated the number 1111. The token with the tokenId 0, would be assigned to the Hashmask with the initial index of 1111. From there, the next tokenId, token 1, would get assigned to Hashmask #1112, etc.

In layman’s terms, our contract will use the same logic to keep the distribution of the Digihats random. This means whether you mint a Digihat and get tokenId #10, or tokenId #8788, you will have an equally likely chance at being assigned Digihat #1.

Disclaimer ~ The distribution of Digihats is completely random. This means that you will not know what number Digihat you are going to get. If you mint a Digihat and get a DH token with a tokenId of 420, this does not mean that you are going to get Digihat #420. Your DH token will be assigned a Digihat image when the finalizeStartingIndex function is called. This function is callable when, totalSupply = MAX_NFT_SUPPLY, or two weeks after the launch of the smart contract.

The Digihats Distribution

We are planning to release the smart contract on our website at 11:11 PM UTC on Friday, March 5, 2021. Digihats can be minted through our website: Until all 8888 Digihats have been minted, anyone with a Binance Smart Chain wallet can mint one of them from our website. Once all 8888 Digihats have been minted, to purchase a Digihat, you will have to use an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.

On our website:, we do not plan to host an NFT marketplace. We have seen other NTF projects on the Binance Smart Chain open up marketplaces on their website. The team has decided not to create a marketplace on the website. We are just going to focus on the distribution of the Digihats.

The Digihats Community

Thank you for taking the to read this article and be a part of this project. We are so grateful for all the support; It has been a journey and a learning experience for all of us. If you would like to learn more about this project, head over to our Discord!





Numbers are cool, right? Digihats is a NTF project created on Binance Smart Chain. There are 8888 unique computer-generated Digihats to collect!

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Numbers are cool, right? Digihats is a NTF project created on Binance Smart Chain. There are 8888 unique computer-generated Digihats to collect!